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About Mobile Applications

Using most fascinating mobile applications is the latest lure of the mobile users and it is rapidly growing for legacy and latest handsets. Mobile applications is the fastest growing segment in the global mobile market, originally they are consisted of software that runs on a mobile device as well as other hand-held devices and performs certain and custom task for the mobile user. Mobile apps are also popular as “downloadables” and mostly these Mobile apps are common on nearly all available mobile phones such as expensive models and entry-level- models from dissimilar mobile manufacturing companies.

The various attractive functions of Mobile apps are the basic factors for wide use. The most common functions they perform are facilities of catering user interface for basic telephony including messaging or SMS services as well as some advance services like games and videos. Other attractive functions are also available like reading blogs and tools for downloading other interesting stuff according to mobile user needs.

Mobile applications can be categorized by common view and technical view. Mobile apps can be differentiate such as inbuilt applications and configured after sales or post sales. Inbuilt or pre-installed mobile applications are browsers, SMS/MMS clients, music players and many more according to the version of mobile model and company. On the other hand, mobile applications can be downloaded over the wireless network and installed as well as can be loaded and installed by mobile user from mobile operator’s store. From the technical point of view mobile application programmers/ developers categorize them as:

  • Native platforms & operating systems (Windows mobile, Symbian, Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Linux, etc)
  • Mobile Web/ browser runtimes (RIM, Opera Mini, Mozilla/ Firefox, etc)
  • Other managed platforms & virtual machines (BREW, Java/J2ME, Flash Lite, Silverlight, etc)

In the business and social sector Mobile apps are very popular due to custom use for meeting particular needs of users. Growing use of mobile phones & custom mobile apps by businesses is directly creating favorable situations for Mobile Apps Development. Businesses use mobile applications for advertising purpose in the modern business environment at global level.  There are large numbers of professional mobile application developers/ programmers, publishers and providers (Mobile Application development companies) are active to meet the demands of rapidly growing mobile application market including direct delivery of the applications to mobile users.   

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