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J2ME Bluetooth Mobile Application Development

In the orbit of mobile developments, MADI - Mobile Application Development India is the company established especially to serve high quality of mobile applications to offshore clients. We offer creating personal area networks (PANs) via Bluetooth on mobile phones and other hand-held communicating devices. Pictures, videos, music can be easily transferred from one mobile to another various devices via wireless technology called Bluetooth. MADI mobile developers provide J2ME Bluetooth Mobile Application Programming for latest as well as legacy mobiles and enhance connectivity between several mobiles and synchronization.

MADI Expertise in J2ME Bluetooth Applications

Bluetooth is economical wireless technology utilized for mobile connectivity & synchronization. It is able to connect various devices like PC or notebook to printers, connecting keyboards to computers wirelessly, scanners and faxes and many more in the modern business environment. Bluetooth Applications are not only popular in business sector as well as social network is on the rise. MADI’s J2ME Bluetooth Mobile Programmers’ \ Developers are capable of providing wide range Bluetooth solutions like GPS Solution, Wireless Communication for sending data from mobile device to desktop wirelessly, Barcode Solution provides connection of mobile phone with barcode scanner via Bluetooth, Location services, Bluetooth chats, Information sharing and many more Bluetooth solutions.

To render quality J2ME Bluetooth Mobile Application Development our Mobile Bluetooth developers’ keeps in-depth knowledge of Bluetooth technology such as awareness of Bluetooth implementations, basic information like (short range, low power consumption, based on transceiver microchips), Bluetooth profiles, list of devices for application like (telephones, high definition watches, modems, handsets), Specifications & features and Mobile phone requirements. Technical information about Bluetooth is such as:

  • BPS (Bluetooth protocol stack,
  • LMP (Link Management Protocol),
  • HCI (Host/Controller Interface),
  • SDP (Service Discovery Protocol),
  • L2CAP (Logical Link Control & Adaptation Protocol),
  • AVDTP (Audio/Visual Data Transport Protocol),
  • BNEP (Bluetooth Network Encapsulation Protocol),
  • AVCTP (Audio/Visual Control Transport Protocol),
  • RFCOMM (Cable replacement protocol),
  • Wireless Application Environment/Wireless Application Protocol (WAE/WAP).

MADI provides wide range of Mobile Bluetooth Applications using Bluetooth wireless technology and we use Java technology / J2ME for Bluetooth devices of modern times like wide range of phone sets iPhone, windows mobile, Blackberry etc. We are able to develop Bluetooth applications for mobile phones by using Java APIs and micro edition J2ME of java.

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