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Wireless (WAP) Mobile Applications Development

To develop excellent quality of wireless (WAP) mobile applications, professional WAP application developers must be enriched with WAP technology. Mobile application development India - MADI is the company, which is especially established for the mobile application development and complete mobile solutions. Knowledge about WAP technology is very essential for the robust WAP mobile application development. Mobile application development India - MADI professional WAP mobile developers prove their expertise by the Knowledge of:

Architecture of WAP
Content and capabilities
All three major WAP layers
Complete WAP infrastructure
Main objectives / purpose of the WAP
How to maximize the number of beneficiaries

We are able to develop simple and dynamic WAP mobile applications for the different communities of the society such as business, social, content providers, service providers and other mobile users. Everybody uses mobiles from different companies and SDKs are provided by each company, our WAP mobile developers are experienced in dealing all kind technologies and SDKs for the high quality WAP mobile applications. Integrating internet, wireless data and telephony through WAP, which works with many types of networks like GSM, TDMA, and CDMA as well as 3G networks is one of our expertise in providing high quality wireless (WAP) mobile solutions. Mobile practices for business operations are increasing rapidly in the modern times; if you are businessman, then utilization of WAP technologies through hand-held devices can bring productive changes in business operations. Advantages of wireless (WAP) Mobile Applications in the Business such as:

  • Timely user support
  • Diagnostics and resolution
  • Saving of staffing and testing costs
  • Regular system monitoring or supervision
  • Easy problem detection as well as fast reporting
  • Economic business communication and data exchange among business entities

Mobile application development India – MADI develops a variety of wireless WAP applications for global clients with appropriate technologies, which helps the businessmen to execute the business operations faster. There are few which are more efficient in the modern times such as WAP and client-side, WAP and server technology, WAP and XML servers, WAP and Java, WAP and ASP.NET as well as dynamic WAP applications for the faster execution of business in the competitive business world. Our Wireless WAP Mobile Application programmers provide professional services as they understand essential differences between various development environments and mobile phones, optimum utilization of WAP emulators, setting mobile display according to browser and finally for the high standard assurance application testing with many different WAP devices. To provide robust wireless WAP mobile application development Mobile application development India – MADI uses operating system like BREW, Symbian OS, MS SmartPhone, Palm OS and technologies WML, J2ME, C/C++, Java, Embedded VC++ (3.0, 4.0), Embedded VB, etc.

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