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Asp.Net Mobile Web Application Development

Modern mobile industry is jam packed with large variety of hand-held devices and wide range of mobile technologies for the development of mobile applications. Mobile application development is said to be successful if the appropriate programming technology is compatible with mobile standard or with mobile’s support in technology, which depends on technical intelligence of mobile application developer and reliability of programming technology. To make mobile application development successful & reliable, MADI- Mobile Application Development India provides experienced and talented mobile application programmers to undertake ASP.NET Mobile web Development.

Traditionally mobile programmers utilize various programming language for the dynamic WML application development to provide connectivity with web through mobile such as ASP, JSP, PHP, etc. There are wide range of hand-held devices running in the modern communication world such as Palm Pilots, Pocket PC’s, auto PC’s and two way pagers and device does not support all technologies appropriately. Microsoft has launched “.NET Framework” that is based on ASP.NET which supports traditional mobile clients for the development of mobile applications. However, ASP.NET mobile web applications are also supported by latest hand-held devices manufactured by popular mobile manufacturing companies

MADI for Asp.Net Mobile web application Development

MADI has organized itself with wide range of mobile application programmers to meet all the modern hand-held devices application development demands from global clients. Our MADI mobile developers use .NET Mobile Web SDK, ASP.NET and VB.NET for the robust mobile web application development. The basic requirement for Asp.Net Mobile web application Development is downloading of IE and the .NET SDK free from Microsoft MSDN site and other requirements are Windows 2000 Professional/Server/Advanced Server OS, .NET framework Beta 1, .NET Mobile Web SDK Beta 1, Internet Explorer 5.5 and WAP simulator.

Our MADI’s Mobile Application Development Team includes ASP.NET developers, VB.NET programmers, C# developers and J#.NET developers.

We are professional mobile application developers and work with all professional methods, appropriate programming languages and technical and non technical tools. The process of ASP.NET Mobile web application development includes creation of an ASP.NET page, including the Mobile Web Namespace System.Mobile.UI and designing the page with mobile controls.

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