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Java Mobile Games Development

Recently personal entertainment through mobile games has gained popularity among all aged mobile using masses. Fully established mobile game development technologies like Java have made strong base for the robust mobile game applications. Cellular carriers revived through rapidly increased mobile gaming concept in the communication world. Entities involved in cellular sector are mainly, mobile game programmers, game publishers and handset makers and mobile game developers primarily use Java programming language for mobile game development. Mobile game developers mostly prefer Java mobile game development.

MADI – Mobile Application Development India is the professional mobile application development company, which serves at global level to clients for customized mobile applications at affordable prices. For mobile game development MADI has made strong lineup of Java programmers for robust Java Mobile Games Development. Java is the most eminent among the mobile game developers and Java as well as Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) is an appropriate programming platform for high quality mobile games development. Our Experienced mobile game programmers use various programming languages, frameworks and tools to develop mobile games for different hand-held devices of various brands such as LG, Samsung, Nokia, Android, BlackBerry, and many other popular brands of modern mobile industry.

MADI Capabilities for Mobile Game Porting

  • J2ME porting with MIDP 1 & MIDP 2
  • Cross Platform Porting from J2ME to BREW and BREW to J2ME

MADI Capabilities for Various J2ME based Mobile Games

  • GPRS Multiplayer Mobile Games
  • Puzzle Mobile Games
  • Action Mobile Games
  • Adventure Mobile Games
  • Sports Mobile Games
  • Global Multiplayer Mobile Games
  • Racing Mobile Games

MADI’s mobile game developers prefer Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) to get all facilities of mobile game development easily and popularity factors of J2ME are:

  • All popular handset makers utilize J2ME or all modern mobile sets are Java enabled.
  • Mobile game development applications that are written once in J2ME can be used for different mobile sets, which make it portable.
  • J2ME is an economical as well very open and free platform, which is utilized by maximum hand-held device makers.
  • J2ME based mobile game applications ensure high security level such as it does not affect other applications simultaneously running on same handset. Plus, it is light weight to run on small devices.
  • J2ME’s MIDP API helps to make the mobile game development quick and simple as MIDP API is specially designed to simplify the method of mobile game application development and latest MIDP version of J2ME is 2.0.

MADI is proficient in development of Browser games. For instance, Arcade games, network games, multiplayer games, solo games and offline games that ensures high quality appealing presentation, multi-media rich content as well as innovative ideas. We are capable of developing 2D mobile games for ordinary handsets and 3D games for highly capable (large screen, high memory and high graphics support, manageable key input) modern hand held devices.

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