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GPS Event Tracker Application


GPS Event Tracker Application helps in recording traveling event of the iPhone user, when he movers from one place to another. By using this iPhone application user can view traveling, position radius, and time interval of the whole event. Application user can view the latitude and longitude details as well he can add new location with necessary details such as date, time, location, purpose and traveling distance in kilometers. Application user can maintain the list of all events and can store with details if required.

What user can do?

GPS Event Tracker application is very advantageous for the users who want to keep track of all the traveling events. User can easily maintain records of all events of traveling with all details of the event. User can add new event detail any time with purpose of the traveling trip in few easy tapping on iPhone. Further user can search the traveling events by purpose and can view all the details of the travel event anytime as application maintains the track or list of all the traveling events.

How it works?

Display of Location List

Tapping on the icon of "GPS popup" user can view the "location list" of travel event. In this list user can view name of the location as well as latitude & Longitude value of each location.

Add New Location

Addition of new location is very easy process, user can add name of new location. Tapping on the "+" from the location list screen will display new screen for adding the new location in the list.

Here user can type the new location name easily in the field provided. After entering the new location name in the field user taps on "Done" button, then user taps on "save" button provided on the same screen.

As soon as user enters the new location system automatically sets the Latitude & Longitude values in the empty fields.

User can view the location information just at the bottom of the screen.

Add purpose to new Travel Event

To add purpose to the any travel event user selects any new location from the location list.

As soon as User taps on any location name from the location list to add purpose user can see new screen with details of the travel event.

User can view the fields of:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • Blank field of Purpose
  • Traveling in kilometers
View Travel Event Information

User can view the whole details of the travel event.

Tapping on the any travel event shows whole detail of that travel event such as:

  • Date
  • Starting time of event
  • Destination
  • Purpose of travel event
  • Total distance covered in travel event
  • Total duration of the travel

Technology used in development of GPS Location Application

Our talented and experienced iPhone application developers have used guidelines given in the latest iPhone SDK (software development kit) version 2.2.1 (build 9M2621a), web services in ASP.NET and Objective C.

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