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GPS Location Application


Traveling to unknown places is hard without knowing the locations and information about correct geographic location is significant on trips. GPS location application allows the iPhone users to view exact geographical location on the map through pointer which indicate the exact position of user in the particular area. Application shows a geographical map of the area or location and a pointer which symbolizes the exact position of the user on the map of concerned location. GSP location application allows the user to view geographic details such as coordinates called latitude & longitude and correct information about date & time. With help of the map and pointer user can find out the current place in the location.

What user can do?

An iPhone user can utilize this application easily for viewing the accurate location. User can see the geographical area easily by viewing the map with pointer on iPhone screen, which denotes the exact position of the user in the area. After activating the application in the iPhone, user can tap on few buttons provided in the application; to view the exact location as well as user can make changes according to need.

User can set the default distance by tapping on few buttons. Setting the default distance help the user to get aware about the known area, as soon as user cross the pre-defined limits of distance, then system will change the location information.

How it works?

Display Users Current location.

Tapping on the GSP location icon from the screen user can view location information details such as: Latitude, longitude, date & time details and
Map of place where user is located.

Display Distance Accuracy

User can pre-define the distance easily by tapping on few buttons.

For instance to set the default distance, user can tap on scrawl button (Distance filter) to set desired distance in meters or kilometers as per need.

Before scrawling the button user can tap the button "ON", this will activate the "Distance filter" option. After setting the distance user should not forget to tap "Done" button.

  • Go to Location option
  • Set the Desired accuracy "ON"
  • acility to select the best accuracy from the list

Technology used in development of GPS Location Application

Our talented and experienced iPhone application developers have used guidelines given in the latest iPhone SDK (software development kit) version 2.2.1 (build 9M2621a), web services in ASP.NET and Objective C.

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